tristia: (me; the accidental host., the accidental host)

un silence d'algue,

un chant sous les eaux.

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Birthdate:Jun 30

i will conjure a language that will overtly expose all hidden ruminations,
thereupon avoiding blame for excessive secrecy;
yet all the while retaining desired silence.

{welcome to my cipherings.}

psst—still very active, albeit mostly privately; add to see.

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"conceptual photography", accidental epiphanies, antony les yeux fermés, apocalyptic folk, bowties on the unsaid, christina rossetti, cognitive disequilibria, control (self), crabs&crabapples&hermitcrabs, creative illness, current 93, david tibet, derealisation & depersonalisation, diffused glow, dolls & more dolls, e.e. cummings, edward lear, heterocera sub rosa, impetuous karma, instinct, intermittent misanthropy, l'amour étrange, l'heure vide, learned helplessness/optimism, lemniscates, locus of control, magritte, mari mahr, masochism, metacognition, mind purges, mon étoile, movements of the hands, my imaginary dead husband, naught, neimandswasser, nonsense poetry & limericks, ostensible farewells, pablo neruda, parapluies à crachat, paul éluard, perpetual disillusionment, plongée sous-maligne, possession, prolix suitors, secret languages, selective secrecy, self-fulfilling prophecies, shhh's, shock-headed peter, silence & infinity, silver-tongued self-disclosure, spencer krug and bagels, subcurrents, subjugation, suicide sans death, superstition(s), symbiosis, synchronicity, the liminal, the sea (& waves), timestruck hourglasses, transverse patterns, unfortunate fortunes, veiled symmetry, visions, wit, you&me&ww3, zen & poetry,
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